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The Food Industry Intelligence Network (fiin) was established in 2015 to help ensure the integrity of food supply chains and protect the interests of the consumer. The network addresses the recommendations of the ‘Elliott report’, which was commissioned by DEFRA, to establish a ‘safe haven’ to collect, collate, analyse and disseminate information and intelligence.

Over 50,000 authenticity tests conducted and pooled for intelligence sharing every year
Greencore is very proud to be a founder member and to co-chair the Food Industry Intelligence Network. The network is unique in its industry collaboration and sharing. Fiin provides insight and intelligence to its members and in doing so helps to inform them on their own food integrity programmes. The network continues to evolve and has reached agreements to work with the regulators across all the devolved authorities for the benefit and protection of the food and beverage industry.
Professor Christopher Elliott
Professor Christopher Elliott

Back in 2014 when I published the Elliott report, I was told by some well-informed officials that like all good reports it would gather dust. When I look back I'm very glad to say this was far from the case.

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*Our Membership represents a combined turnover in the food and beverage sector in excess of £180bn